About the Author, Ed Zuckerman

Ed Zuckerman, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Licensed in Pennsylvania

Ed is the owner of Three Wishes Press and The Clinician’s ToolBox. He thinks “Editor-in-Chief” with no full time employees is pretentious but has toyed with getting a sign for the one room office that says “World Headquarters.”

For those whose knowledge of place names in western Pennsylvania may not be encyclopedic, Armbrust has a tiny Post Office and a 12 by 12 foot store (same building, for your shopping efficiency but often vacant) but no gas station and perhaps 100 residents. Greensburg is the county seat and has about 17,000 residents. We have more people than cows but about the same if you include the horses, sheep, llamas, bison, and a few dogs.

Born in New York City, Ed flunked out of college and while working as a Psychiatric Aide at Bellevue Hospital in the sixties found his life’s passion – clinical work. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and worked in community mental health while gaining licensure. Never able to hold a job, he has worked with adults with mental retardation, people with severe alcohol addiction, and has done liaison with state hospitals, taught undergraduates abnormal psychology and human sexuality (different courses), and been in the independent practice of general clinical psychology for about 17 years.

He now lives with his family in rural western Pennsylvania with horses, geese, foxes (so no more chickens or ducks), and lots of mud and trees. He consults and tries to create and get others to create worthwhile, practical tools to make clinicians’ work easier and/or better.

Ed has no conflicts of interest to disclose because, odd as it may seem, he has never been offered big bucks by big pharma for his sage advice, brilliant insights, or clinical wisdom, despite his winning personality. Maybe you can sympathize.

Pamela Kaden, PhD

Pamela Kaden is a clinical psychologist in Chicago.

As a health psychologist, Dr. Kaden specializes in the treatment of individuals with acute and chronic illness, smoking cessation, treatment adherence and lifestyle behavior change.  She has worked in Primary Care since 2006.  

Additionally, Dr. Kaden has a general private practice, where she sees individuals with depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleep disorders, relationship problems, and career and vocational concerns. 

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