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To process your order, you need only enter the necessary information on PayPal. This information is transferred to PayPal using SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer), a security protocol that provides the standard of communications privacy over the Internet for all financial transactions. (If it is good enough for the banks, it is good enough for us and should be for you.)

We do not receive from you, your bank, or the credit card company the information on your card. The PayPal system sends us only an newly created and unique Authorization Number to confirm that your credit card was good for the purchase so we can send your order to you. If you order from us again, we will need to ask for your credit card information again because we did not receive it and so have not kept it.

We will happily use email to respond to your questions. We will not phone you about any non-order-related matter and then only if there is a problem and no email response.

We will not spam you or let anyone else do so (to the best of our ability. Spammers are clever). We will not sell or trade your name, address, phone or any information with anyone without your expressed permission .

Our Simple Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied, delete your purchase and destroy all copies of the ICD-10 you have within 30 days and …

  • We may ask you a question but you do not have to justify why you want your money back.
  • We will refund the purchase price to your credit card.
  • If you are dissatisfied, please be a good customer: complain. We really do want to meet your needs as a clinician and hearing where we failed will help us improve our products and try again.

Ed and the gang at The Clinician’s ToolBox

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For twenty years Ed Zuckerman, PhD, has developed simple, practical, inexpensive, and transparently useful tools for his fellow clinicians.