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Our Famous Lists of 100 Psych Drugs

Actually it is titled more accurately as Checklist of Dosages and Uses of 100 Common Psychotropic Medications by Trade (or generic) Name. Download them by clicking in the column to the right. 

It is copyrighted by us but you may make copies and distribute it as long as you make no changes or additions to it and do not charge anyone anything for it (no, not even copying costs). If anyone wants a copy, tell them to come here to download it (so they will get the most current version).

It squeezes a lot of relevant information into a small format. We review it every few months and make any needed changes. There are fewer changes each year as Big Pharma has moved on to non-psych conditions. Check back every 3 or 6 months for the latest version. The last line shows the date of the version. Compare it to the one you previously downloaded to see if you should download another.

We offer this list as a free service to our colleagues.

The authors are Pamela Kaden, PhD, psychopharmacologist consultant and Ed Zuckerman does the layout and website stuff. If you want to know more about Ed, Click Here.

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Electronic Health Records: Resources for Choosing

Click HERE to download this comprehensive resource and reference list for everything related to choosing and using EMRs/EHRs,
in PDF format.

Click HERE to download in Word format.


Wouldn’t it be splendid if you never misspelled a medication’s name ever again? Download this and run the page through your spell checker clicking on “Learn” for each word.

To download just the names of All the Medication’s Names from the 100 Drugs List click on the title.

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