How To Order Our Sharp Tools

Executive Summary ( ;- )

    • To buy just select the number of copies you want in the little box that says “One copy for $27” or select from the other option for a non-printable or printable version. Then click the Buy Now button below your selection.
    • You really can use ANY credit (or debit) card, not just PayPal. Just click at the bottom of the page that opens after Buy Now. If you want to send us a check, make it to “TCTB” and send it to The Clinician’s ToolBox, PO Box 222, Armbrust PA 15616.
    • We offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. Click on About Us for details.
    • Our products make great gifts to a graduating (or struggling) student clinician or even a seasoned one.

Sending you the stuff you ordered

        • We get your order almost immediately but we do like to sleep and eat as well as work so it will go into the US Postal Service no later than the second business day after we receive it. We send by first class mail or Priority Mail so your order can be tracked. It almost always arrives in less than a week. If we can’t do that we will email you and explain.
        • We do not charge you shipping (no ships), handling (as little as possible), or for the packaging, sealing, driving to the post office, postage (yikes did they raise rates in May!), restocking fees (no stocks), etc. We don’t like being “nickeled and dimed” either and so we price our stuff in whole dollars. If you want the “xx.95” discount just email me and I will refund your five cents. This is a psychology experiment. Check back in a year.

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